Bio Clean Septic Treatment

Bio-Clean septic treatment, the fast, safe and easy way to treat your septic system. With Bio Clean septic packets and the Clean Gene Refrigerator magnet You will never forget to simply open 1 packet of Bio-Clean septic treatment and flush in down the toilet.

Bio-Clean Septic Packets 12 Packets per box, 12 boxes per case

Every thirty days the eyes on the Clean Gene refrigerator magnet light up to remind you it's time to flush a newBIO-CLEAN Clean Gene Refridgerator Magnet packet of Bio Clean septic treatment down the toilet. It's that simple no marking it on a calendar so you wont forget, the blinking eyes remind you every month.

Each Box of Bio-Clean septic treatment contains 12 packets of bio clean and 1 Clean Gene refrigerator magnet. and will treat up to a 1000 gallon septic tank (the most common) If you have a larger tank you will need to flush 2 packets each month instead of only one. See the special price below for purchasing 2 Bio-Clean septic treatment boxes.

2 year supply Only $119.99

1 year supply only $64.99 .

Bio-Clean Septic
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2 Pound Bio-Clean
Save a bucket of money buy a 25 pound pail of Bio clean for only $249.99 Bio Clean

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