Bio Clean Septic Treatment

BioBio-Clean Septic Packets 12 Packets per box, 12 boxes per case-Clean septic treatment, the fast, safe and easy way to treat your septic system. With Bio Clean septic packets and the Clean Gene Refrigerator magnet BIO-CLEAN Clean Gene Refridgerator MagnetYou will never forget to simple open 1 packet of Bio-Clean septic treatment and flush in down the toilet. Every thirty days the eyes on the Clean Gene refrigerator magnet light up to remind you it's time to flush a new packet of Bio Clean septic treatment down the toilet. It's that simple no marking it on a calendar so you wont forget, the blinking eyes remind you every month.
Each Box of Bio-Clean septic treatment contains 12 packets of bio clean and 1 Clean Gene refrigerator magnet. and will treat up to a 1000 gallon septic tank (the most common) If you have a larger tank you will need to flush 2 packets each month instead of only one. See the special price below for purchasing 2 Bio-Clean septic treatment boxes. Only $74.99
Bio Clean Septic treatment 1 year supply only $74.99
2 pound Bio clean with mixing cup Only 34.59
Bio Clean Save a bucket of money buy a 25 pound pail of Bio clean for only $299.99